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The construction of real estate in any country, including Turkey, is primarily conditioned by the climate. Turkey is a country with a fairly mild temperature regime, so houses are built here without insulation in the walls and floors, with huge terraces and balconies. Of course, each region of Turkey has its own construction features, we will tell you about the Mediterranean coast. It is in this part of Turkey that the most active construction is currently underway and it is the province of Antalya that foreign citizens often choose to buy real estate. To begin with, we note that in Turkey there is a special construction regulation that prescribes mandatory earthquake resistance of buildings. Even in Antalya, where earthquakes are extremely rare and, most often, tremors pass unnoticed by residents, houses are seismically stable, mounted on strong, reinforced concrete frames. This is a strict law, the implementation of which the government carefully monitors. As for the apartments themselves, the construction of studio apartments is now prohibited in Turkey. Turks generally do not like small apartments, and studios were built for several years exclusively for foreigners who are accustomed to such housing. Now a ban has been imposed on this construction and apartments have again been made only full-length. The floor in Turkish apartments is usually tiled, marble or laminate-coated. Also because of the climate. In spring, summer and autumn, such a floor is pleasantly refreshing, and for several winter months you can cover it with carpets. Underfloor heating is extremely rare — it is impractical to make them. Most of the apartments on the Mediterranean coast are equipped with hydro and sound insulation. The first one is needed so that mold does not form on the walls. Be sure to check the availability of waterproofing from the seller of real estate. And you can determine the level of sound insulation yourself: listen to how much extraneous noise is heard in the apartment, with closed doors and windows. Air conditioners are mandatory in Turkish apartments. They help to keep the rooms warm in winter and cool in summer. Usually, when buying air conditioners, they are already installed and the new owner does not need to do this on his own. Very often there are additional solar water heaters in houses. In Antalya, where the sun shines three hundred days a year, it is very profitable to use water heated by the sun itself. As for the bathroom, showers are usually installed there, not bathrooms or jacuzzis. Such "luxury" is done in luxury apartments or villas. All houses are equipped with an additional diesel generator: if there is a power outage, no one will be left without light. The adjacent territory, whether it is the territory of a residential complex or a detached building, has its own infrastructure. The minimum set of services is a swimming pool, a hammam, a playground and Parking for cars. Of course, the territory is always ennobled. Another feature of housing construction in Turkey is the speed with which developers erect buildings. There are no long-term construction projects here — builders need to finish the work as soon as possible and start a new construction. Therefore, you can safely buy real estate at the construction stage, the house will be ready in a strictly set time. Housing in Turkey is practical, reliable and of high quality. This is noted by everyone who buys real estate in the country. Turks are very fond of comfort. And the houses in which they live are always made conscientiously.

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