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Buying an apartment, villa and other real estate in Turkey

In Turkey, you can buy an apartment, a villa, a penthouse, a townhouse, in short, any real estate option is available to foreign buyers. But there is also such a category of people who want to build their own house. In exact accordance with their taste and requirements, the most comfortable for them. To make it a "dream house" in the fullest sense. With its own personality and design, so that every line in it corresponds to your ideas about the ideal house. It is quite possible to realize this desire in Turkey. Any foreigner can build such a house in Turkey as he wants. First you need to buy land. It is worth noting that the cost per square meter of land in Turkey depends on the terrain, distance from the sea coast, the demand for a particular piece of land, as well as on infrastructure. In any case, land in Turkey on the Mediterranean coast will be cheaper than, for example, in France or Spain, on the other side of the same sea. Buying land In Turkey, three types of land are sold — for private development, for commercial development and for agricultural work. If the land is purchased for the construction of a house, then it is forbidden to equip rows of greenhouses on it and grow something for sale, that is, to engage in commerce. But, of course, you can set up a small garden to grow something there for personal use. The same applies to commercial development — if the land is purchased for the construction of a private house, then it is impossible to build a boutique hotel on it. In the column of the certificate of ownership, it is indicated for what purposes the plot was purchased and this is strictly controlled. When choosing a plot for private development, it is necessary to find out whether there is a permit from the local municipality for sale. If there is no such permit, then the construction will be declared illegal. The minimum penalty is a huge fine. However, if the land turns out to be needed by the municipality, the house may even be demolished. That is, land plots must be included in the register of the Cadastral Office, which means that the necessary infrastructure will be equipped or already exists there. The building permit is issued by the local municipality. To do this, you need to provide a plan and a project of the future house. After reviewing the application, the mayor's office will issue a construction license, provided that the house will fit into the general zoning of the territory. Another important aspect is that the project of the house should be made by a Turkish architect who has the right to this type of work. The construction permit has its own validity period. In Turkey, it is two years, that is, during this time you need to start construction, otherwise the license will become invalid. In Turkey, foreign citizens can buy no more than 3 hectares of land for private development. Construction. To start the actual construction, you can go two ways. Independently choose building materials, hire builders and control the whole process personally. If you are fluent in Turkish and know exactly what and where you can buy, then this option is quite acceptable. But most often foreign citizens turn to specialized companies. They will not only help you choose a suitable plot of land, but they will also correctly draw up all the documents and even engage in construction with full control and full responsibility for all types of work from pouring the foundation to buying furniture. This option is much simpler and more convenient. That is, buying land in Turkey and building your "ancestral nest" on it is only a little more difficult and troublesome than buying a ready-made apartment or villa.

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