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Who can apply for Turkish citizenship?

Who can apply for Turkish citizenship?

The migration policy in the Republic of Turkey is now quite loyal. However, the competent services pay special attention to the verification of documents and their identity submitted by applicants for a new passport. Be prepared for any information, signatures and seals that require careful verification. However, such a thorough verification process does not depend on the reasons for providing information about citizenship.

Who is eligible for Turkish citizenship?

The rules are as follows:
* Southern citizenship is not granted automatically because he was born in Turkey. However, there is one exception to this rule: a child whose parents are unknown can apply for citizenship.

What documents are required to obtain Turkish citizenship
* Competent authorities usually receive a single set of official documents.
* Documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship for investments:
* A correctly completed questionnaire.
* A passport indicating your current citizenship and a notarized copy translated into Turkish.
* A copy of a residence permit or a valid visa. At the same time, the validity period of the residence permit at the time of application must be at least 6 months.
* Each marriage certificate and birth certificate of the child (children). They have been translated into Turkish and notarized.
* Four photos (as a passport). You must attach a photo of each family member applying for citizenship.
* An official document confirming knowledge of the local language. It is a common practice to pick up a document at the consulate, which is sometimes sent to the Ministry of Education.
* You need proof of your financial situation, that is, that you have sufficient income to live for yourself and your family.
* Statement of health status.
* Documentary information about the absence of a criminal record, which the applicant must have in his country.
* A document confirming the payment of tax.
* A document confirming the reason why a foreigner applies for Turkish citizenship. For example, a TAPU, a certificate of ownership of real estate, a contract of sale, etc. In some cases, you may need to include a bank payment of $250,000 or more and the estimated value of the property you are buying.
The process of applying for Turkish citizenship and the list of documents submitted may vary from case to case, so we recommend that you consult with a professional lawyer.
It is important to clarify in advance which documents need to be translated and notarized. Usually it will be most newspapers.

Frequently Asked Questions

* What steps are necessary to obtain Turkish citizenship?
The owner, after purchasing real estate, the value of which exceeds the limit for the application for naturalization, submits an application to the Main Department of the Cadastre and Cadastre at the location of the immovable property. The organization's employees will check the estimated cost of the apartment and any documents confirming that the money was transferred to the previous owner or developer. The office will make a decision on acquiring citizenship within a few days (within a week), then you can contact the migration service, where the applicant will be prepared for obtaining a residence permit.
Having an approved application, residence permit and TAPU, you can proceed to the next stage and register with the General Directorate for Citizenship and Population of Turkey. The parcel will be sent to the Office of Citizenship Information in Ankara and Istanbul.
* How long does it take to get Turkish citizenship?
The registration period is about 1 month. The process has been significantly accelerated with the creation of special citizenship units in Ankara and Istanbul.
* Are there any agreements or negotiations in the registration process?
No, there are no such assemblies.
* If I have no citizenship at all, can I apply for Turkish citizenship?
You can apply for citizenship when buying a house worth $ 250,000. Your current stateless status must be confirmed.
* Can my family members also apply for citizenship?
Yes, next of kin (husband/wife, children under 18).
* Should the applicant's relatives, who are also applying for citizenship, enter the Republic of Turkey at the time of registration?
No, only the main applicant must be present in the country.
* Is living in Turkey a condition for obtaining citizenship?
* How do I get dual citizenship in Turkey and is it allowed?
Yes, it is possible to obtain another citizenship in Turkey. However, this issue requires clarification on a case-by-case basis both in Turkey and in accordance with the legislation of the requesting country. In some countries, dual citizenship is prohibited.
* Can you renounce your Turkish citizenship?
Voluntary renunciation of Turkish citizenship is allowed in accordance with national legislation.
* Application for Turkish citizenship.

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