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Villas in Alanya: features and benefits

Contact our company if you decide to buy an apartment in Turkey from a developer. We will offer you many housing options, including villas. In this article you will find out exactly what advantages distinguish the villas that can be found in Alanya.
Why real estate in Turkey attracts foreigners
Buying an apartment in Alanya (Turkey) is the right decision. Practice shows that the number of foreigners who purchase real estate in this country is growing year by year. The main reasons for the popularity of such housing:
*     Low prices;
*     Favorable climate. Pleasant weather reigns here all year round;
*     Good infrastructure, which is developing rapidly thanks to the competent actions of local authorities;
*     High quality residential buildings. This applies to both private houses and multi-storey buildings;
*     Obtaining a residence permit after the purchase of a residential property;
*     Visa-free regime with many countries;
*     Convenient loans for the purchase of housing.
Villas - the main varieties
You can buy an apartment in Turkey on the seashore with the help of professionals. Our experts will help you choose the perfect villa. Buildings of this kind are classified here as follows:
*     Detached villas. If you don't like neighbors, then this is the best option for you. Such buildings are located far from busy areas, where there are many tourists at any time of the year. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy the silence. You will only need to keep an eye on the garden and the pool. If the budget allows, then you can hire a gardener. There are quite a few companies in the city that provide relevant services;
*     If you want to buy an apartment in Turkey by the sea, then you can also pay attention to various villa complexes. They can be found in such areas as Bektash, Kestel, Konakly. The infrastructure of a typical complex includes everything you need: gym, swimming pool, hammam, etc.;
*     Twin villas. Several families who maintain friendly relations can buy an apartment in Alanya (Turkey) inexpensively. You and your relatives or friends will live in the neighborhood. In fact, it is a huge house with separate entrances.
What options can be found in Turkey
The villa you have purchased in Alanya may have the following advantages:
*     The presence of a garage for several cars;
*     Solar panels on the roof;
*     Vegetable or fruit garden;
*     Terrace for relaxation;
*     Fireplace;
*     Solarium;
*    Security;
*     Satellite TV system;
*    Gazebos;
*     Sauna and steam room;
*     Fitness room;
*     Closed parking;
*     Jacuzzi;
*     Smart Home system.
If for some reason you do not drive a car, then it is best to choose a villa in places that are located not far from public transport stops. Fortunately, there are no problems with buses and minibuses in Alanya. A ticket for such types of transport is quite cheap.
There should also be no problems with food in the villas. There are always a lot of small grocery stores around.

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